Michael Nix is a contemporary classical composer, guitarist and performer. Nix lives and teaches in the tranquil Pioneer Valley of Franklin County in Greenfield, Massachusetts. Nix and NixWorks has performed in venues around the world and is highly renowned.

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Gloria Matlock and Michael Nix

The Traditions of African American Music

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Gloria Matlock and Michael Nix reach deep into the centuries-old tradition of African American song. With a powerful and authentic voice, Gloria sings gospel songs, spirituals, story songs, work songs, songs of slavery and emancipation, and present day freedom songs.  Michael explores the African-American roots of banjo playing from early gourd instruments to arrangements and compositions for the modern seven-string instrument of his own design. Keyboardist, composer Adam Matlock will join Gloria and Michael in a trio format.

Gloria Matlock and Michael Nix offer two performance programs:

Concert program:

A concert program featuring gospel songs, spirituals, story songs, work songs, songs of slavery and emancipation, present day freedom songs, early banjo songs, and the modern compositions of Michael Nix and Adam Matlock.

Educational sing-along program:

Decoding the lyrics of early African American Song – A Lecture/Sing-along.  Learn how enslaved people secretly communicated with one another about a wide range of topics through song lyrics and about how the early the early African, Caribbean, and African-American roots of the banjo.

Gloria De,Layne Matlock is an educator, dancer, poet, chorus director, and playwright. She grew up singing gospel and spirituals with The Robinson Singers, directed by her mother—songs that had been passed down from her great-great grandmother. She has presented her workshops using music to heal racism throughout the U.S. and beyond.

Michael Nix performs on classical guitar, self designed seven-string Banjar, banjo, and mandolin, throughout the United States and Asia; has recorded for the PBS series “American Experience”, several independent documentaries, numerous CD projects; and his compositions are performed internationally. His music has been heard “Weekend Edition”, and other NPR programs.

Adam Matlock is an accordionist, pianist, vocalist and composer. He is active in the projects An Historic, Broadcloth, Dr. Caterwauls and others, and composes under his own name as well as some occasional session work and sundry appearances

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Oh Ye Lay
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January 2017 Concert

Joshua Fit the Battle
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January 2017 Concert

Sadan, We Gonna Tear Your Kingdom Down
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January 2017 Concert

Lord, Search My Heart
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January 2017 Concert

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Stage Plot Trio

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Gloria Matlock & Michael Nix
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