Private Lessons

Michael Nix

  • Guitar (Classical, Steel String, Electric), Banjo (5-String, Tenor), Mandolin, Uke, Composition, Theory.
  • Classes in "Slow Jams": the art of playing music with others.
  • 1 Hour lessons, 45 min. lessons, Half hour lessons.
  • Lessons offered: Once a week, Biweekly, or on a spot-lesson schedule when you can find time basis.
  • Scroll down for rates and openings.

In Person and Online Lessons:

In person music lessons resume Monday May 24, 2020 (or stay on line if you choose):

I am going to open up in-person lessons for the people who have been vaccinated. Those students who wish may continue to have lessons on line. Students may have the option of moving back and forth between on line lessons and in person lessons.

In person lessons will take place in my office at the LAVA Center, 324 Main Street, Greenfield, MA.

In person lesson policy:

•Wear a mask as you come into the LAVA center until May 29.

•We will keep some distance.

•Bring your own: instrument, music, tuner, pencil, and clips to secure music or book to the class.

•Do not come to a lesson if you are sick or not feeling well for any reason. Do not come if you have not had your vaccination or you have not had the required wait time post vaccination. Let’s stay safe.

•The LAVA Center requires that you sign in for contact tracing.

Let’s all stay safe and healthy while we make great music!


I work in three formats: Zoom, Skype, Mac Facetime.

I prefer Zoom, a business video conferencing web based application.

To use Zoom:

-Install the Zoom application on your device.

-On the day of the lesson, I will send you an email inviting you to sign in to the zoom conference call. Once signed in, be sure to activate video camera on your device.

To use Skype:

-Install Skype on your device.

-We can email or text to make sure we are both ready for the Skype call. At that point we can exchange user names.

-Either one of us can initiate the call.

To use Mac FaceTime:

-FaceTime must be used from an Apple device.

-We can email or text to make sure we are both ready for the Facetime call.


Now Accepting PayPal and Credit Card Payments

See below for PayPal rates

PayPal: @NixWorks

Venmo: @NixWorks

Credit Cards: Square

I will use the Square to accept credit card payments at my studio. See below for Square ratesAll levels. Gift certificates available.

For credit card payment over the phone: Michael Nix 413 772-0328 or Contact Via Email


Make check to Michael Nix, Nixworks

Mail to:

Michael Nix, NixWorks

PO Box 400

Greenfield, MA. 01302

When in person lessons become available: Lessons and classes take place at the LAVA Center, 324 Main Street, Greenfield, MA 01301

Scroll down for the schedule, rates, payment, and studio information Michael Nix 413 772-0328 or Contact Via Email

Teaching Schedule

Lesson Schedule

Zoom (preferred), Skype, Mac Facetime

student name / OPEN refers to an opening every other week


  • 1:30
  • 2:00
  • 2:30 xxxxxxx
  • 3:00 OPEN
  • 3:30 OPEN
  • 4:00 Terry
  • 4:30 Heather
  • 5-6 Dinner
  • 6:00 OPEN
  • 6:30 OPEN
  • 7:00 xxxxxxx
  • 7:30 - 9 Slow Jam Class every 2 weeks: 1/29/24, 2/12/24, 2/26/24, 3/11/24, 3/25/24, 4/8/24


  • 12:30 Paul
  • 1:00 Paul
  • 1:30 Barry P.
  • 2:00 Renee
  • 2:30 Kevin
  • 3:00 OPEN
  • 3:30 OPEN
  • 4:00 Angela W.
  • 4:30 Angela W.
  • 5:00 Danielle / Ben B.
  • 5:30-6:30 Dinner
  • 6:30 Solena
  • 7:00 Jocelyn
  • 7:30 xxxxxx
  • 8:00 xxxxxx


  • 12:00 xxxxxx
  • 12:30 xxxxxx
  • 1:00 xxxxxx
  • 1:30 xxxxxx
  • 2:00 xxxxxx
  • 2:30 xxxxxx
  • 3:00 xxxxxx
  • 3:30 xxxxxx
  • 4:00 xxxxxx
  • 4:30 xxxxxx
  • 5-6 Dinner
  • 6:00 xxxxxx
  • 6:30 xxxxxx
  • 7:00 xxxxxx
  • 7:30 xxxxxx
  • 8:00


  • 2:00 OPEN
  • 2:30 OPEN
  • 3:00 Sara / OPEN
  • 3:30 Sara / OPEN
  • 4:00 Bill
  • 4:30 Bill
  • 5-6 xx Dinner
  • 6:00 Music Theory /Joshua
  • 6:30 Music Theory / xxxxxx

Now Accepting PayPal and Credit Card Payments

PayPal/credit card payments:

I will use the Square to accept credit card payments at my studio. See below for Square rates

Lesson rates:
$35- half hour lesson
$52-three quarter hour
$70 - hour lesson

A sliding fee scale is available if you are unemployed, underemployed or feel that you cannot afford the fee. Occasionally I barter lessons for services (I need help with typing data bases, and general office work related to my performance business). Sliding fee credit card transactions are assesed the 2.75% transaction fee.

Payment: Three options are available:

1. Weekly-pay at each lesson
2. Monthly-pay at the beginning of each month
3. Block-pay for a block of ten lessons.

Scheduling: Lessons are given Monday-Thursday afternoons and evenings.

Generally lessons are taken once a week. In some cases lessons may be taken every other week, but must be scheduled in a slot against another alternating student. You are agreeing to a course of study in a regularly scheduled time slot.

If you cannot commit to a weekly or biweekly time slot, spot lessons and coachings are available, and must be scheduled one at a time as time is available. If you cannot find an appropriate time slot, please place yourself on the waiting list.

Cancellations: I have a new cancellation policy which will help me better schedule make ups, spot lessons, and other types of clients:

Cancellation notice should be left on the Guitar Studio answering machine at 772-0328, or /contactsent via e-mail

Each student is responsible for the block of time agreed upon, you are reserving a slot in a schedule. Where possible a cancellation notice should be at least 24 hours before the lesson. Canceled lessons may be made up during the week, or rolled over and made up at the end of a payment period. This allows time for rescheduling a lesson or other clients in that time slot. Please give plenty of notice when you know that you will be on vacation, or taking an extended break.

If a lesson is canceled with less than 24 hrs. notice the student is responsible for the lesson payment. In case of sudden illness on lesson day leave notice a soon as possible.

Exceptions to this include: On-call professionals, sudden emergencies.

If no notice is given the student is responsible for the lesson payment. The lesson is not made up. If the instructor cancels the lesson will be made up or rolled over.

Instruments and Music:

Each student will be responsible for their own guitar and printed music. Forgetting an instrument, or music will not be an excuse for missing a lesson. Broken strings should be replaced before the lesson. Make sure to keep extra strings in your case. All efforts will be made to accommodate unforeseen emergencies (broken instruments etc.) however.

Guitar Sales & Rentals: Guitar sales and rentals are available through many local music stores. The Guitar Studio will assist and guide you in selection and rentals if requested.

Our recommendations for local instrument and music dealers:

ZMuff Guitars, 2 Mead St., Greenfield, MA, 978-870-9234,

Downtown Sounds, Pleasant Street, Northampton, MA 413-586-0998

Fretted Instrument Workshop, 49. S. Pleasant St. Amherst, MA 413-256-6217

Replay, 370 Avenue A, Turners Falls, MA, 413-863-3037

Music and Books: The Guitar Studio is a Hal Leonard Publishing Co., and Mel Bay distributor.
We can order most music that you are looking for. You can also order texts and music from various local music stores. Several of the books are only available from NixWorks publishing.

For Bookings or More Information

Contact Michael Nix